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Android + IOS Training and Placement Course

  • Classroom Course
  • Expert Trainers
  • 24×7 Doubt support
  • Assignments and Quiz
  • Live projects
  • Course Duration : 1.5 month (45 Days)


Android is an open source and Linux-based operating system for mobile Devices was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google, and other companies. This tutorial will teach you from basics of Android programming and will also take you through some advance concepts related to Android application development. Start with the basics of X code, Swift UI, and UI Kit to create and compelling iOS Applications. You can learn more about software products iOS developers create in this training.By learning Android Development, you give yourself the best possible chance to reach any career goals you set. Once you get started, within no time, you’ll land your dream job, have that promotion, or create a successful business of your own in the field of Android Development.

Batch Timings

  • Weekdays : Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri (2 hrs)
  • Weekends : Sat, Sun (4-5hrs)

Modes Of Teaching

Course Content

Android Development Training
1. Module I Kotlin
1.1 Kotlin Language Fundamentals
1.2 Kotlin Outputs, Data types and Variables
1.3 Kotlin strings, Boolean and Comments
1.4 Quiz
1.5 Kotlin When, If else and Break/Continue
1.6 Kotlin While loop, Arrays and For Loop
1.7 Kotlin Ranges, Function and Classes
1.8 Kotlin Objects, Constructors and Inheritance
1.9 Quiz
1.10 Kotlin Class Function and Assignments
2. Module II Android Development
2.1 Getting started with Android development
2.2 Layouts in Android Development
2.3 XML Layout
2.4 Image View & Grid View
2.5 Quiz
2.6 Toast Messages, Snack Bar
2.7 Making Dialog Messages
2.8 What is Activity? and it is important?
2.9 Intents and Multi Screen apps
2.10 Quiz
2.11 Passing data b/w Activities with Intent
2.12 More about intents
2.13 Activity Lifecycle
2.14 Web Views in Android
2.15 Quiz
2.16 Introduction to ListView
2.17 More on List View and Limitations
2.18 Introduction to Recycler View
2.19 List View VS Recycler View
2.20 Quiz
2.21 Assignment on Recycler View
2.22 MVM and Android Jet pack
2.23 Kotlin Co-routines
2.24 Saving Data Locally
2.25 Quiz
2.26 Retrofit and Network calls
2.27 Fragments with Navigation Component
2.28 Creating UI using Jet pack Compose.
2.29 Dependency Injection (DI)
2.30 Quiz
2.31 Assignment Creating Book Store Application
3. Module III Deployment and Testing
3.1 Connect to device, test and analyze Android App
3.2 Publish to Play store
3.3 Quiz and Assignment publish your App
iOS Development
4. Module IV IOS Development
4.1 Introduction to MAC OS, IDE – X CODE, Interface
4.2 Mac Versions and Features
4.3 iOS Versions and Features
4.4 Quiz
4.5 Introduction to X-Code tool and Compilers
4.6 Introduction to Objective C
4.7 Objective C Classes and Methods
4.8 Creating Properties and Methods
4.9 Quiz
4.10 Object Oriented Programming in Objective C
4.11 Inheritance, Polymorphism, Dynamic Binding and Dynamic Binding
4.12 Arrays, Set, Dictionaries
4.13 Categories and Protocols
4.14 Quiz
4.15 Application Life Cycle, Zip Story Board, Interface Builder
4.16 Quiz Create simple Apps
4.17 UI State Preservation, View Application Sandbox and Crash Logs of Application
4.18 Cocoa Design Patterns
4.19 Quiz
4.20 What is Model View Controller?
4.21 What are Model View Controller Classes?
4.22 Delegate And Data Source
4.23 Singleton and Observer pattern
4.24 Quiz
4.25 Target- Action and Cocoa Coding standard
4.26 Memory Management
4.27 Assignment Video Converter App
5. Module V REST, SOAP Services and JSON Parsing
5.1 Asynchronous and Synchronous Request
5.2 Soap, Rest and JSON Parsing
5.3 XML, Key Value Coding and Nested JSON Parsing
5.4 Quiz
5.5 Error Handling and Lazy Handling
5.6 Assignment Create Form REST
6. Module VI Multitasking and Data Persistence in iOS
6.1 NS Thread and Management of multiple Thread, MS timers
6.2 GCD, NS Operation and NS Operation in Queue
6.3 User Default, PList, SQlite and Core Data.
6.4 Quiz
7. Module VII Media Interaction, Notification and Social Media Integration
7.1 Audio, Media and MP Movie Player
7.2 Local, App- Level and Push Notification
7.3 Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin
7.4 Quiz
8. Module VIII Deployment and Testing
8.1 Debugging, iOS5, iOS6, iOS7 Difference and Features
8.2 Submitting to Apple App Store
8.3 Assignment Create Alarm App

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