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C/C++ Foundation Training and Placement Course

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  • Real-Time Live Projects
  • Course Duration : 1 month (30 days)


This course will help you build strong foundation in C and C++ language. C is a milestone in computing history and most critical component in computer industry while C++ was developed as an extension to C language. C is amongst the oldest programming languages out there. Every advanced programming language that you use today has some of its roots in the C programming language. C is the language where you can find the basis for object oriented concepts. Hence, it is the best language for those who are new to programming on the way to being a programmer. The programs that you write in C compile and execute faster than those written in another languages. This is because it does not have garbage collection and other additional processing overheads. Hence, the language is faster as compared to most other programming languages.


  • Weekdays : Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri (2 hrs)
  • Weekends : Sat, Sun (4-6hrs)

Modes Of Teaching

Course Content

C Programming
1. Introduction to Programming
1.1 Flowcharts
1.2 Pseudo codes
1.3 Basic input/output
1.4 Data Types
1.6 Switch
1.7 Arrays
1.8 Strings
1.9 For Loops/ While Loops
1.10 Functions…
2. Introduction to C++ Training
2.1 The language and its advantages
2.2 The Structure of C++ program
2.3 Creating a project
2.4 Writing, Running and Compiling and program
3. Variables and data types
3.1 Expression
3.2 Constants
3.3 Operators
3.4 Type Conversions
4. Loops: While, do-while and For loops
4.1 if else statement
4.2 Switch Statement
5. Functions
5.1 Passing arguments
5.2 Function prototyping
5.3 Default Argument initializers
5.4 Inline function
6. Arrays
6.1 Arrays initialization
6.2 Multi Dimensional Arrays
6.3 Character Arrays
6.4 Working with character strings
7. Storage Classes
7.1 Global Variables
8. Pointers
8.1 Pointer and Arrays
8.2 Pointers to character Strings
8.3 Arrays of Pointers
8.4 memory slicing
8.5 Pointers to Function
9. C++ Classes
9.1 Data Member and Function
9.2 Creating objects
9.3 The new and Delete operators
9.4 Friends to a class
9.5 Class Initialization
10. Reference Types
10.1 Reference type argument
11. Function Overloading
11.1 Operator Overloading
12. Copy Constructor
12.1 Assignment Operator
13. Template Classes
13.1 Static class members
13.2 File streams
14. Inheritance
14.1 Base classes and Derived classes
14.2 Inherited member access
14.3 Base class initialization
14.4 Protected members of a class
15. Virtual Function
15.1 Virtual destructors
16. Virtual base classes
16.1 Virtual base class member access
16.2 Constructors and Destructors ordering
17. Exception Handling
17.1 try.. Throw.. Catch block
17.2 Nested catch handlers

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