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Full Stack Development .NET Training and Placement Course

  • 24x7Doubt support
  • Classroom course
  • Expert Mentors
  • Assignments and Quiz
  • Live projects
  • Course Duration: 3 month (90 Days)

NET is a full-stack platform that enables you to build, deploy, and manage applications.


This Full Stack Web Development Course will train you in Web Development from beginners to advanced level. In the end you’ll be able to design your own fully responsive projects.NET development is a widely used framework for building various types of applications, including web, desktop, mobile, cloud, and more. There are several reasons why .NET development is valuable and widely adopted: Language Support: .NET supports multiple programming languages such as C#, and F#. Rich Class Library: .NET offers a comprehensive class library that simplifies development by providing pre-built functions and components for common tasks, such as data manipulation, networking, security, and user interface design.

Batch Timings

  • Weekdays : Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri (2 hrs)
  • Weekends : Sat, Sun (4-6hrs)

Modes Of Teaching

Course Content

  • HTML
HTML IntroductionHTML Tags
HTML EditorsHTML Block and Inline elements
HTML LayoutHTML Attributes
HTML LinksHTML URL Encoding
  • CSS and CSS3
CSS IntroductionCSS3 Selectors
CSS GridsCSS3 2D, 3D Transformation
CSS SASSCSS3 Backgrounds
CSS ResponsiveCSS3 Images Values and changed Content
CSS AdvancedCSS3 Animations
  • Bootstrap
Bootstrap Intro
Bootstrap Grids
Bootstrap Themes
Bootstrap CSS
Bootstrap JavaScript
  • Javascript
JavaScript IntroductionJavaScript Versions
JavaScript StatementsJavaScript Objects
JavaScript SyntaxJavaScript Functions
JavaScript VariablesJavaScript Classes
JavaScript ArithmeticJavaScript Async
JavaScript FunctionsJavaScript HTML DOM
JavaScript ObjectsJavaScript Browser BOM
JavaScript GraphicsJavaScript Web APIs
JavaScript JSONJavaScript AJAX
JavaScript vs JQueryJavaScript JSON
  • C# or C Sharp
C# Identifiers
C# Data Types
C# Variables
C# Literals
C# Operators
C# Keywords
  • Object Oriented Programming
Classes and Objects
Constructors and Destructors
Structures and Enumerations
Boxing and Unboxing
  • .NET Framework
.NET Introduction
.NET Common Language Runtime
.NET Framework Class Library
.NET Win Forms
.NET Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
.NET Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
.NET Workflow Foundation
.NET Language Integrated Query
.NET Parallel LINQ
  • Core ASP .NET
Core ASP .NET Home
Core ASP .NET Overview
Core ASP .NET Environment Setup
Core ASP .NET New Project
Core ASP .NET Layout
Core ASP .NET Project .json
Core ASP .NET Configuration
Core ASP .NET Middle ware
Core ASP .NET Exceptions
Core ASP .NET Static Files
Core ASP .NET Setup Model View Controller
Core ASP .NET Model View Controller Designing
Core ASP .NET Routing
Core ASP .NET Attribute Routing
Core ASP .NET Action Results
Core ASP .NET Views
Core ASP .NET Entity Framework
Core ASP .NET Database Context
Core ASP .NET Razor Layout Views
Core ASP .NET Razor Tags
Core ASP .NET Authorize Attributes
Core ASP .NET Identity Migrations
Core ASP .NET Creating a User
Core ASP .NET User Registration
Core ASP .NET Log in and Log out
  • SQL Server
Getting started with SQL ServerSQL Server Views
SQL Server BasicsSQL Server Sorted Procedures
SQL Server IndexesSQL Server Triggers
SQL Server User defined FunctionsSQL Server Aggregate Functions
SQL Server Date FunctionsSQL Server String Function
SQL Server System FunctionsSQL Server Windows Functions
  • ADO .NET
ADO .NET IntroductionADO .NET Command
ADO .NET Data ProvidersADO .NET Data Readers
ADO .NET SQL ServerADO .NET Data Set
ADO .NET ConnectionADO .NET Data Adapter
ADO .NET Model View ControllerADO .NET Data Tables
ADO .NET ClassADO .NET Work Flow
  • Deployment
IntroductionGlobal Deployment
Local DeploymentDatabase Deployment
Creating Web SetupPublishing Web App

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