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Full Stack Python Development Training and Placement Course

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  • Assignments and Quiz
  • Live projects
  • Course Duration : 3 month (90 Days)
  • Expert Mentors


This Full Stack Web Development Course will train you in Web Development from beginners to advanced level. In the end you’ll be able to design your own fully responsive projects. Full-stack development refers to the practice of developing both the front-end and back-end components of a web apps. This includes the user interface, business logic, and database design. So, full-stack developers are in high demand and are paid more than front-end developers and back-end developers. The course will get you hands on experience on HTML, HTML5, CSS3, MYSQL, Python, MongoDB, Django etc.

Batch Timings

  • Weekdays : Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri (2 hrs)
  • Weekends : Sat, Sun (4-6hrs)

Modes Of Teaching

Course Content

1. HTML Introduction2. HTML Tags
3. HTML Editors4. HTML Block and Inline elements
5. HTML Layout6. HTML Attributes
9. HTML Links10. HTML URL Encoding
  • Bootstrap
1. Bootstrap Intro
2. Bootstrap Grids
3. Bootstrap Themes
4. Bootstrap CSS
5. Bootstrap JavaScript
  • CSS and CSS3
1. CSS Introduction2. CSS3 Selectors
3. CSS Grids4. CSS3 2D, 3D Transformation
5. CSS SASS6. CSS3 Backgrounds
7. CSS Responsive8. CSS3 Images Values and changed Content
9. CSS Advanced10. CSS3 Animations
  • Mongo DB
1. MongoDB Introduction2. MongoDB Delete
3. MongoDB Database4. MongoDB Aggregations
5. MongoDB Collection6. MongoDB Indexing/Search
7. MongoDB Insert8. MongoDB Validation
9. MongoDB Drivers10. MongoDB Node js Driver
11. MongoDB Relationships12. MongoDB Covered Queries
13. MongoDB Database Reference14. MongoDB Regular Expression
15. MongoDB Grid FS16. MongoDB Map Reduce
17. MongoDB Capped Collection18. MongoDB Rock Mongo
19. MongoDB Replication20. MongoDB Deployment
  • Python
1. Python Introduction2. Python Numbers
3. Python Environment Setup4. Python Strings
5. Python Basic Syntax6. Python Lists
7. Python Variable8. Python Tuples
9. Python Data Types10. Python Dictionary
11. Python Operators12. Python Date&Time
13. Python Decision Making14. Python Functions
15. Python Loops16. Python REG Expressions
17. Python Files I/O18. Python CGI Programming
19. Python Exceptions20. Python Networking
21. Python Multi Threading22. Python XML Processing
23. Python Further Extensions24. Python GUI Programming
1. MYSQL Introduction
2. MYSQL Installation
3. MYSQL Administration
4. MYSQL PHP Syntax
5. MYSQL Connection
6. MYSQL Create Database
7. MYSQL Drop DB
8. MYSQL Select DB
9. MYSQL Data Types
10. MYSQL Create Tables
11. MYSQL Drop Tables
12. MYSQL Insert Query
13. MYSQL Select Query
14. MYSQL Where Query
15. MYSQL Delete Query
16. MYSQL Like Clause
17. MYSQL Sorting Results
18. MYSQL Using Join
19. MYSQL NULL Values
20. MYSQL Regexps
21. MYSQL Transactions
22. MYSQL Alter Command
23. MYSQL Indexes
24. MYSQL Temporary Tables
25. MYSQL Clone Tables
26. MYSQL Database Info
27. MYSQL Handling Duplicates
28. MYSQL SQL Injection
29. MYSQL Using Sequences
  • Django
1. Django Introduction2. Django Template
3. Django Virtual Environment4. Django Models
5. Django Install Django6. Django Insert Data
7. Django Create Project8. Django Update Data
9. Django App10. Django Delete Data
11. Django Views12. Django Update Model
13. Django URLs14. Django Prepare
15. Django Add Details16. Django Add Test
17. Django Add Master18. Django Admin
19. Django Add Main20. Django Create
21. Django Add 40422. Django Create User
23. Django Variables24. Django For Loop
25. Django Tags26. Django Comment
27. Django If.. Else28. Django Include
29. Django Query Set30. Django Filter
31. Django Get Data32. Django Global Static
33. Django Order By34. Django Add to Project
35. Django Add Static36. Django Elastic Beanstalk
37. Django White Noise38. Django Django. config
39. Django Deploy40. Django Update
  • Flask
1. Flask Introduction2. Flask HTTP Methods
3. Flask Environment4. Flask Templates
5. Flask Application6. Flask Static Files
7. Flask Routing8. Flask Request Object
9. Flask Variables Rules10. Flask Sending Form To Template
11. Flask URL Building12. Flask Cookies
13. Flask Redirect & Errors14. Flask File Uploading
15. Flask Message Flashing16. Flask Extensions
17. Flask Mail18. Flask WTF
19. Flask SQLite20. Flask Sijax
21. Flask Deployment22. Flask FastCGI

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